GE2015: Many congratulations to those who called it right

GE2015: Many congratulations to those who called it right

Before we start looking at coming party leadership contests and the polling for the general election let’s first offer our congratulations to those who called it right. On PB there was JackW who has triumphed once again nd I’ve sent him a personal message.

I’ve also exchanged emails already with Oxford’s Stephen Fisher whose ElectionsEtc has been taking a view on the bias in the polls for which he and his team have been totally vindicated. Stephen is one of the leading figures behind the exit poll which once again proved to be such a good pointer.

There’s been a congratulatory email from me to another notable observer Number Cruncher of the site. He’s been making a strong case about the polls and has been proved right.

Then there is Kieran Pedley of Polling Matters who wrote an excellent analysis for PB a couple of weeks about the possibility of there being another 1992.

Me? I got it totally wrong because I believed the polls particularly the closing ones that we got yesterday morning. This will be costly.

Thanks to TSE for manning the PB ship overnight.

Mike Smithson

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