Announcing PB’s General Election night event + today’s Populus poll

Announcing PB’s General Election night event + today’s Populus poll

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2200-0600 May 7th 2015 – Finborough Arms Kensington

This is from Jeff Bell who used to post as Stonch.

Kensington and Chelsea have now granted me and all night licence for the Finborough on May 7th so I can go ahead with an election all-nighter.

The event will be ticket only from 10pm when polls close (the pub will be open to the public that day from 5pm however). The cost is £15 and that includes tea and coffee, mineral water and some snacks. The bar with extensive range of real ale, craft beer and all the rest will be open all night. The large HD screen is visible from every spot in the bar. We will show BBC coverage.

I’ll be looking to close up at 6am when of course public transport will be operating. For tickets people should email me at Numbers will be limited of course but I don’t expect to have a problem with capacity.”

The address is 118 Finborough Road, Kensington, London SW10 9ED. Thanks to Jeff, Fat Steve and others who have played a part in setting this up. Jeff tells me that there are two good Wifi connections (a primary and a back-up) and all the mobile networks have coverage in the pub. 4G seems to be good across the board.

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