Th non-doms – Marf gives her take

Th non-doms – Marf gives her take


There’s an excellent piece by John Rentoul on the issue here. The heading says it all:- “Non-doms: If Osborne was on the ball he would not be left defending a tax perk for the rich. The stupidity of his response is matched only by its laziness. He writes:-

“.. the Tories defined themselves as the defenders of global tax avoiders. The stupidity of Osborne’s response is matched only by its laziness. The Conservatives do not seem to realise that there is an election on. This is urgent: this is the kind of policy that cuts through. If Cameron and Osborne were as hungry to win as they ought to be, they would have thrown everything at stopping Labour from painting them as the friend of the rich….

If this carries on, the Conservatives are going to lose. Tying with Labour in the opinion polls means Miliband in Downing Street with the support of the Scottish National Party. The early engagements of the election campaign have not eroded Labour’s support. The Tories have to move support their way if Cameron is to stay on as Prime Minister. Yet, when Miliband comes up with a foreseeable policy such as abolishing non-doms, they fall straight into his trap, putting themselves on the wrong side of public opinion…”

Mike Smithson

2004-2014: The view from OUTSIDE the Westminster bubble

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