Tonight’s Marf cartoon – on HSBC and with nighthawks below

Tonight’s Marf cartoon – on HSBC and with nighthawks below

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    If you’re a lurker, this thread is Especially For You. If you’re thinking of Sticking To The Better The Devil You Know, you’ll find posting on PB is a cause for Celebration.

    The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

    1. Antifrank looks at who will the Lib Dems be after May?
    2. The Conservatives are winning the campaign. But Labour is leading the polls.
    3. The economy would grow faster under Labour – new study aids Miliband and Balls
    4. The Tories must embrace progress once more.
    5. Why this election campaign makes me fear for the future of the United Kingdom
    6. Any politician seeking a second election this year is a dangerous idiot. Even if no one wins in May, another general election would be both unlikely and irresponsible
    7. Boris Johnson woos Tory MPs with a ‘rucksack clanking with booze’
    8. The Ukip Index: Who’s Voting Ukip?
    9. Meet The 17-Year-Old Parliamentary Candidate For UKIP
    10. You can be a feminist and pose topless (say men)
    11. 26 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Burn The Internet To The Ground
    12. Tomorrow is the 709th anniversary of Robert the Bruce murdering John Comyn which sparked revolution in the Scottish Wars of Independence
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