The Saturday night GE2015 rolling polls news blog

The Saturday night GE2015 rolling polls news blog

First off from Opinium sees UKIP & GRN up CON down

Opinium for Observer has LAB with 5% lead
LAB 33=
CON 28-4
UKIP 20+3
LD 7-1
GRN 6+2

With Opinium just out there’ve now been 7 polls since the Ashcroft CON 6% lead survey that was published on Monday afternoon and there’s been nothing from any of the firms that have has the blue team in anything like as good a position.

Opinium sees CON down 2 leaving the party 5% adrift while UKIP jump 3% and the Greens 2%.

Coming up we have ComRes online for Indy on Sunday and Sunday Mirror to be followed later by the usual YouGov.

This post will be updated as further information comes in.

Better news for the blues from ComRes online

This is the big picture so far

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