This week’s Ashcroft phone poll sees LAB move to 6%

This week’s Ashcroft phone poll sees LAB move to 6%

UKIP down 4 points in a fortnight

The latest Lord Ashcroft phone poll has just been published and the numbers have a more familiar ring to them. UKIP is down from the dizzy heights of 19% that they chalked up in the immediate aftermath of their EP14 success. The LDs are up from the miserable 6% they were on at the end of May.

But it’s the gap between LAB and CON that really matters and although the blues are up the red team is up a bit more.

When the Ashcroft poll was launched at the start of May the Tories had a 2% lead so today’s numbers are something of a reverse.

Yet again, like in virtually all the polls, Cameron rates well ahead of Miliband when it comes to “Best PM”. This obviously gives extra hope for the Tories but being 6% behind is a big gap to bridge particularly with the way that the pattern of voting that we see at general elections benefits LAB so much.

Hopefully the ICM poll for the Guardian will be out later.

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