Sometimes it can be the apparently trivial things that get traction

Sometimes it can be the apparently trivial things that get traction

The juxtaposition with Osborne’s cuts announcement is unfortunate

The Daily Mirror, which seems to be more comfortable with itself now Labour’s in opposition, makes the news about the MBE to the man who cuts Cameron’s hair it’s main story.

The danger for the PM is that this could resonate because it touches on what’s perhaps his biggest negative in terms of the he’s perceived, that he doesn’t relate “to people like us”.

    Before the 2010 general election Cameron was scoring 20% in YouGov’s “in touch with ordinary people” tracker – a level that has melted away to its current 6%. Even Nick Clegg rates 11% on this measure. Ed Miliband, by contrast, gets 24%.

Given the main Conservative strategy, outlined by Mr. Osborne yesterday, is on further harsh and politically controvesial cuts to the non-pensioner welfare budget, coverage like this can be damaging. It will certainly be thrown at Cameron time and time again over the 16 months that remain.

Who cares that he spends a lot on haircuts? It’s the awarding of an honour that Miliband, Clegg, Farage and Salmond will seize on. Accusations of cronyism and being out of touch are useful ammunition.

Whoever was advising Dave on the honours list should have seen this coming.

Methinks a mistake with UKIP, which is becoming the default choice of the disgruntled working class, being the main beneficiary.

Mike Smithson

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