LAB lead amongst Unite members jumps 14 to 26 percent

LAB lead amongst Unite members jumps 14 to 26 percent

There’s a new Michael Ashcroft poll of Unite members covering voting intention and issues associated with union funding.

Like other Ashcroft polls we don’t know the pollster but my guess is that it is YouGov which built up a reasonable size base of union members for its leadership polling in 2007 and 2010.

The voting intention shares, seen above, are really what you’d expect with LAB moving up at the LDs expense and UKIP eating into the Tory vote.

One third of members said they didn’t know whether they contributed to Unite’s political fund. 37% said they did, and 30% had opted out.Most Unite members (57%) preferred an opt-in system for the political fund; only 31% supported the current opt-out system.

Only 30% said they would contribute to the political fund under an opt-in system; 53% said they would not. 17% were undecided.12% said they would pay to join the Labour Party as an individual member if contributors to the political fund were no longer affiliated automatically. 73% said they would not do so.

46% of Unite members disagreed with the decision to donate nearly £12 million to Labour since the 2010 election; 43% agreed.

Mike Smithson

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