The second YouGov poll in a row has the LAB lead down to just 5pc

The second YouGov poll in a row has the LAB lead down to just 5pc

Are figures like this the new normality?

There’s a general rule about the Sun’s daily poll from YouGov – if the numbers are good for the Tories then they get Tweeted overnight. If not then we usually have to wait until the normal publication time of 6am.

The latest figures came out before midnight and show the CON and LAB shares at exactly the same level as they were in Sunday’s poll from the firm for the Sun’s News International stablemate the Sunday Times. The only big difference is that that poll had the LDs st 11% – this latest from has Clegg’s party down to its lowest level since November 2012.

This is the third YouGov poll to have been carried out after George Osborne’s spending review and the LAB lead over CON has been 6, 5, and 5 again today.

    There hasn’t been such a good run for Cameron’s party since before Osborne’s March 2012 budget

Before we can draw too many conclusions we need to see numbers from other firms particularly those with established records which poll by phone.

It should be noted that in GE2015 terms the blues have got a long was way to go before they can contemplate still being in government after May 7th 2015.

On a uniform national swing, according to Electoral Calculus, today’s shares would give LAB an overall majority of 59 seats.

Mike Smithson

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