Yet another pollster has LAB dropping to the mid-30s

Yet another pollster has LAB dropping to the mid-30s

And ComRes online has Ukip up to a record 19% for any firm

ComRes leader ratings see Dave drop to new low & EdM to new high

Amongst other questions

If a party wants my support at the next general election, it is important to me that they offer a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU

Agree: 49%
Disagree: 27%
Don’t know: 24%

Ed Miliband is likely to be Prime Minister after the next election

Agree: 31%
Disagree: 37%
Don’t know: 32%
Although 59% of Labour voters agree, 10% disagree and 31% don’t know.

The Conservative Party is more divided over Europe now than it was when John Major was Prime Minister

Agree: 57%
Disagree: 14%
Don’t know: 29%

Even CON voters are more likely to agree (43%) than disagree (26%). 74% of UKIP voters agree.

David Cameron has the authority over his party that he needs to be an effective Prime Minister

Agree: 28%
Disagree: 48%
Don’t know: 24%

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