The Tories take to Twitter in an ingenious “poster” campaign

The Tories take to Twitter in an ingenious “poster” campaign

Will George’s budget be a narrative changer?

Featured above are 2 of 6 Tory Twitter ads that have been issued overnight.

This is quite an interesting way of using social media and, no doubt, the party hopes that these will get Tweeted and re-Tweeted.

The themes chosen are all the good ones and I have selected the new house building support as well as the tax changes which meet the Lib Dem GE2010 manifesto commitment to raise the basic threshold for paying tax to above £10,000.

I like the emphasis on the positive but I find that the “Aspiration Nation” concept doesn’t quite resonate. Maybe if its repeated often enough it will sink in.

    What is becoming clear is that an extraordinary amount of planning has gone into this year’s budget. The hope is very much that the corner can be turned with the budget creating a different narrative.

You are also going to see the spectacle of both coalition partners speaking strongly in favour of the budget plans.

The polls over the next two weeks are going be very interesting.

Mike Smithson

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