MacShane, Dave’s big EU speech and the #Plebgate report

MacShane, Dave’s big EU speech and the #Plebgate report

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Number 10 has been wise to waste no time in re-fixing Dave’s big EU speech which should have been given in the Netherlands on Friday. Unless the briefings have been very much off target we’ve got a fair idea already what’s in it – a promise for a post 2015 referendum after the completion of what’s likely to be described as a re-negotiation of Britain’s relationship.

Whether that’s ebough “red meat” to feed the eurosceptic parts of the party we’ll have to wait and see. Whatever Britain’s relationship with Brussels looks set to be a key dividing line between the parties at the general election. Which has got a position that will resonate most?

The Plebgate report is interesting and I can’t recall an occasion when the country’s most senior civil servvant has been publicly rebuked in such a manner.

Mike Smithson

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