Leveson set to be the first issue of the 2015 general election campaign

Leveson set to be the first issue of the 2015 general election campaign

Have Dave, Ed and Nick got their positions right?

On a general note I think that the main players over Leveson – Cameron, Miliband, Clegg and the law lord himself – have all acquitted themselves pretty well today.

Leveson’s presentation of his proposals makes it much harder for the “no to any statutory measures” lobby even though, ultimately, this is what will be required.

Cameron was on pretty fine form and, admirably, was right on top of his brief during the grilling from MPs. It’s unusual to see him so familiar with the detail. EdM’s response was good and so was the unusual statement from Nick Clegg.

    What we have is an issue that could run right through to May 2015 and, following Cameron’s opposition to legislation, will play a part in the general election campaign. This is a dividing line.

Clegg’s position to accept the overall proposals puts him alongside Labour even though there will be some within his party who are not so comfortable with what appears to be an illiberal move.

All three leaders will feel comfortable – the question now is how is this going to play out with the electorate?

Looking at the range of recent polling I think Cameron has probably got a bigger task on his hand though he can expect a fair bit of support from that part of the right-wing media that has not always been in the Cameron camp.< Clegg and the Lib Dems will like being on the other side of the argument from the Tories and the generally positioning is what's going to be required in the LD-CON marginals that they will be trying to defend.

Mike Smithson

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