Labour moves to a ten point lead with ICM

Labour moves to a ten point lead with ICM

And a Vince leadership would take the LDs to 19%

The ICM poll for September is just out and sees Labour move to their best position for 9 years with the firm that is widely regarded as the gold standard.

The figures with changes on August are CON 31%-3/LAB 41%+ 2/LD 14%-1

Although double digit LAB leads have became almost common place with other firms ICM had generally been showing Miliband’s party doing worse.

The other big news is that when ICM asked the named leadet question with Vince substituted for Nick then the LD share moves up 5% to 19%.

    That would make a dramatic difference in terms of seats and would result in a CON> LD swing – something that’s not been seen in any poll since the general election

The poll also sees UKIP on 6% the highest level yet from the phone pollster.

We’ll have to wait until the full details are published before being able to work out the precise numbers.

Mike Smithson

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