What’ll be the Sun’s front page on May 7 2015?

What’ll be the Sun’s front page on May 7 2015?

The Sun – general election day May 6th 2010

Will Rupe back Dave at a second general election?

The sting operation against the Tory co-treasurer Peter Cruddas is a timely reminder of the power and sophistication of the Murdoch press. These operations require a huge amount of resources and planning and over the years the Wapping papers have dome this better than anybody.

Both the Sunday Times and the former News of the World have over the years exposed a whole string of individuals who are ready to do things when shed-loads of money are apparently available.

Access to top politicians has been a particularly fruitful area and people associated with a number of parties have been ready to go beyond what is acceptable.

I wonder what this attack on the Tories says about Rupert’s view of the Tories. Can the party expect a repeat of his backing at the 2015 general election?

He’s had a particular bruising in Britain over the past year and this latest move follows his overt support for the SNP and Alex Salmond in the Scottish referendum where the Scottish Sun is now firmly in the independence camp.

What about the 2015 UK general election. Will his papers be fully on board in the effort to secure a blue overall majority or will he put his support elsewhere?

It’s always said that Rupert backs winners. What if the red team’s polling leads continue? Should we expect some understanding with Ed Miliband or Yvette Cooper. The latter now seems to be the Sun’s favourite Labour politician?

UPDATE – overnight tweets from Rupert Murdoch


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