Will the LDs heed Clegg’s advice to move on?

Will the LDs heed Clegg’s advice to move on?

What happens if conference wants the NHS bill scrapped?

Ahead of what could be a tough weekend for the Lib Dem leadership Nick Clegg will tell his party’s spring conference to “move on” from tuition fees and the NHS bill.

Last year the conference passed resolutions which shaped the approach of the party to the Andrew Lansley’s “modernisation” programme. This year there’s a call for the bill to be abandoned completely.

Unlike the LAB and CON conferences which abandoned any element of democracy years ago LD activists have a real and possibly powerful say in the party’s policy platform.

If there is a vote to abandon the bill then that could add further to the increasingly tense relationship between the coalition partners.

My guess is that veteran ex-LAB/SDPer, Shirley Williams will hold sway. If she’s for it in its amended form then that should satisfy delegates.


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