Romney has a victory in Ohio within his grasp

Romney has a victory in Ohio within his grasp

Will it be the same in other “Super Tuesday” states?

The above are some of the tweets from the US pollster, Public Policy Polling, about its surveys last night in the key states of Ohio and Tennessee which vote tomorrow.

Very helpfully for political punters awake at 0345 GMT in the UK the firm tweets a mass of information almost as soon as it gets it.

Ohio was one that Rick Santorum appeared to have in the bag. Many are saying that a Romney victory here could mark the end of Santorum’s challenge thus making a Mitt nomination even more inevitable.

As can been it’s looking very close and Romney could edge it and has a fighting chance in Tennessee. The most revealing statistics that PPP have provided is Romney’s lead in both states with voters who have decided in the past few days.

If that’s happening in Ohio and Tennessee then there could be an outside chance of a shock in Oklahoma as well.

My betting has been adjusted accordingly. Ladbrokes have 2/5 on a Romney victory in Ohio and the same price on him winning a majority of the ten contests tomorrow.


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