Returning by popular demand – PAPA

Returning by popular demand – PAPA

Poll/publication Date CON % LAB % LD % OTH %
ICM/Guardian 20-Feb-2012 36 37 14 13
Populus/Times 20-Feb-2012 37 39 11 13
Ipsos-MORI/Reuters 29-Feb-2012 35 41 12 12
ComRes/Independent 27-Feb-2012 37 40 13 10
YouGov/Sun 29-Feb-2012 38 40 9 13
***PAPA*** LATEST 36.6 39.4 11.8 12.2

This is the Politicalbetting All Pollsters’ Average which I hadn’t updated for months. Now AndyJS is administering this for us and will update on a regular basis.

This is calculated by taking a simple average from the latest published surveys of the five main pollsters which have been producing regular polls since the general election and before.

Unlike the “average” produced by YouGov’s Anthony Wells on UK Polling Report PAPA treats all the main polls on the same basis. There is no extra weighting element linked to accuracy and there is no artificial boost for polls that come out more often. Each calculation is based on the latest available poll.

I’m hoping that we can fill in the missing months so that we have a continuous record since 2010 and produce some trend charts

Thanks Andy.


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