The Tories get closer in two new polls

The Tories get closer in two new polls

More good news for UKIP

As well as the big night in US politics there’ve been a number of new polls overnight including the first voting intention response following Cameron’s use of the veto in Brussels.

YouGov Sunday Times: CON 38: LAB 39: LD 11 The fieldwork took place from Thursday to Friday afternoon so only part of the response came after the news from the EU

Survation Mail on Sunday: CON 35: LAB 35: LD 14: UKIP 9 All the fieldwork took place after the news from the EU. Unlike other pollsters Survation prompt for UKIP as well as the main three parties.

Survation poll on the Feltham by-election for the Mail on Sunday: CON 29%: LAB 53%: LDEM 7%: UKIP 7% The main two party shares are broadly in line with the Michael Ashcroft poll three days ago. That survey had the LDs on 10% with UKIP on 5%. Well see on Friday which has got this right.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH

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