Why do Dave’s women appear more vulnerable than the men?

Why do Dave’s women appear more vulnerable than the men?

Cabinet Minister Ladbrokes “Cabinet exit odds”  
Chris Huhne 5/2  
Theresa May 7/2 Female
Ken Clarke 8/1  
Baroness Warsi 10/1 Female
Vince Cable 12/1  
Caroline Spelman 12/1 Female
Cheryl Gillan 12/1 Female
Andrew Lansley 14/1  
William Hague 16/1  
Owen Paterson 16/1  
Justine Greening 25/1 Female
Michael Moore 25/1  
Michael Gove 25/1  
Andrew Mitchell 33/1  
Lord Strathclyde 33/1  
George Osborne 33/1  
Danny Alexander 40/1  
Eric Pickles 40/1  
Iain Duncan Smith 50/1  
Nick Clegg 50/1  
Jeremy Hunt 50/1  
Philip Hammond 50/1  
David Cameron 50/1

Above are the latest prices from Ladbrokes on who will be the next to leave the cabinet?

What’s striking is that four of the top seven are women cabinet members of which there are only five in total.

Indeed if it had not been for Justine Greening getting promoted in the post-Liam Fox re-shuffle last month then all the Cabinet’s women would have been in the seven with the tightest prices.

There’s an explanation with all of them. Thus Theresa May is having this spot of bother with immigration; Caoline Spellman had her forest problem earlier in the year and Baroness Warsi has been coming under pretty fierce attack from some quarters for some time.

These, of course, are only betting odds which reflect what punters are thinking. Maybe this is all about the perceptions of political gamblers who, in the main, are male.


But the overall impression

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