Have we become disenchanted with all three party leaders?

Have we become disenchanted with all three party leaders?

How’ve they done as we end the political year?

This week’s party leader ratings from YouGov are now out and show very little change on a week ago.

I thought it might be useful to do a comparison from August 27 2010 – exactly a year ago. With Ed Miliband the change is from the end of September 2010.

Back then all three of them were enjoying net positive ratings – now they all have at least double digit negatives.

At the end of August last year Cameron was on 59-32 so had a net positive of 27%. That’s now minus 10%.

Miliband‘s first ratings from the end of September 2010 were 43 – 23 showing a net positive of 20%. That’s now become minus 23%.

Nick Clegg has fared the worst. A year ago he was on 47 -41. So a net positive of 6% has now become a net negative of 45%.

So not good for any of them though Dave is doing best. His figures are kept up by the support of Tory voters who today rate him at 92 – 6. Miliband’s problem is with Labour supporters who put him at 62 – 31. That figure is even worse than Nick Clegg is doing amongst Lib Dems. He’s on 69 – 27.


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