Can Guido catch up in the hanging e-petition race?

Can Guido catch up in the hanging e-petition race?

Will he get the required 100,000 by February?

As I’m sure we all know Guid is running a campaign to get capital punishment restored for certain cases of serious murder and he’s set up a petition on the Number 10 e-petitions site.

If the total reach the threshold of 100,000 within six months then it becomes eligible to be debated in the commons.

His move has received a fair bit of attention in the media and also prompted a rival petition from those wanting the current ban on capital punishment to be retained. These have only been up for 11 days but so far those against hanging are winning by quite a margin.

Will that change in the coming months?

Even though what polls there have been on the subject say most people want capital punishment to be restored it’s quite a challenge getting them to put their names down and go through the verification process.

The gap has closed a little over the past few days but there’s quite a big margin for Guido’s backers to surmount.

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