ComRes finds only lukewarm support for the Libyan action

ComRes finds only lukewarm support for the Libyan action

ComRes/ITV News poll sampled online from Friday until Sunday Response %
It is right for the UK to take military action against Colonel Gaddafi’s forces in Libya  
Agree 35
Disagree 43
Don’t know 22
I feel I have a good understanding of why the UK is planning military action in Libya  
Agree 52
Disagree 29
Don’t know 18
Military action in Libya is an unnecessary risk for Britain to take  
Agree 49
Disagree 31
Don’t know 20
The international action being taken on Libya reflects well on David Cameron’s leadership  
Agree 36
Disagree 34
Don’t know 30
It would be unacceptable for British armed forces personnel to risk death or injury while trying to protect Libyan opposition forces against Colonel Gaddafi’s forces  
Agree 53
Disagree 27
Don’t know 20

There’s a new ComRes/ITV news poll just out which has the first reaction of the public to the Libyan intervention. The responses to all the questions are featured above.

I’m quite surprised by the relatively lack of support for the action and the ambivalence in the numbers. I would have expected much greater levels of support.

Maybe this all reflects the experience of Iraq – voters are much less sure about the country getting involved in military action.

There were no voting intention questions in the poll.

UPDATE: YouGov finds a different picture

According to polling in the past 24 hours YouGov found 45% of people saying Britain, the US and France are right to take military action against Libya, against 36% who think it is wrong.

It is important to note that the two pollsters asked differently worded questions but the contrast is very marked.

Mike Smithson

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