Was it the Telegraph that won this for Rupert?

Was it the Telegraph that won this for Rupert?


Would the decision have been different with Cable in control?

The big media and political development this morning has been news that the government is approving the News International/BSkyB deal in return for Sky agreeing to make their news channel, independent.

There has been a row for months over the concentration of so many media outlets in the hands of one organisation. Two months ago responsibility for this policy area had to be transferred away from Vince Cable after comments he made about Murdoch to undercover Telegraph reporters.

If that entrapment had not happened then Cable would have been responsible and the outcome would most likely have been different.

Now the Telegraph is part of a group of rival media companies that is considering legal action against the deal.

MEMO to Telegraph editor: Truly it is said that you reap what you sow.

Mike Smithson

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