Has John Rentoul got the PMQ HB row right?

Has John Rentoul got the PMQ HB row right?

Should EdM be thinking of the wider audience?

In his summary of today’s PMQ encounter between Cameron and Ed Miliband the Indy on Sunday’s John Rentoul concluded:-

“..Good tactics on Miliband’s part; poor strategy. He succeeded in winding up Iain Duncan Smith, Work and Pensions Secretary, standing at the end opposite the Speaker’s chair, shouting, “Absolute rubbish!” He succeeded in dividing the left-wing of the Liberal Democrats from their colleagues on the Government benches. (Miliband had a good line about Simon Hughes looking glum and Nick Clegg glummer, and Bob Russell, the rebellious Lib Dem MP got up at the end and asked the Prime Minister to look again at the proposals.)

But I suspect Miliband conveyed the wrong message to the country, which simply cannot understand why so many billions of taxpayers’ money is poured into such a badly-designed benefit that undermines work incentives, profits landlords and keeps property prices higher than they would otherwise be.”


Mike Smithson

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