So what would you do Mr. Richards?

So what would you do Mr. Richards?


Isn’t this a bit melodramatic?

Generally I’ve got a lot of time for the Indy’s Steve Richards but his Tweet a few minutes has left me almost speechless.

Yes we do have vibrant cities but I don’t get this reference to the 80s. Yes Labour was out of power for the entire decade and seven years more but that was largely due to choosing unelectable leaders. Neither Foot nor Kinnock were ever going to be the match for Mrs. Thatcher.

Labour also suffered from the memories of the final period of the Wilson-Callaghan government. It took until Tony Blair in the middle of the following decade for Labour to evolve a proposition that would make its electable again.

None of us have any real idea how the Osborne package is going to go down with the public and how its going to work. My guess is that there will be some successes but also some unintended consequences.

A very strange Tweet from Mr. Richards.

Mike Smithson

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