The cuts: Labour still getting the most blame

The cuts: Labour still getting the most blame

Most to blame for spending cuts? All voters% CON voters LAB voters LD voters
CON-LD coalition 20 2 49 9
Last Labour government 44 88 5 56
Both 22 6 28 23
Neither 8 2 13 10

Can the coalition continue winning on this question?

In all the polling this week YouGov once again asked “And who do you think is most to blame for the current spending cuts?”.

The response was almost exactly the same as it has been for the past month or so – the last Labour government is still regarded as being responsible by a significant group of voters while those blaming the coalition remains at about one in five.

Given how much the “cuts” are going to dominate our politics for the months or even years to come these numbers represent a challenge for Labour. Maybe it reflects partly that Labour was leaderless from the election until a week and a half ago and that its side has not been put forcefully enough.

Certainly there’s a big challenge ahead for the younger Miliband.

  • NOTE: I didn’t include the don’t knows and those who refused in the table.
  • Mike Smithson

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