Labour draw level with Ipsos-MORI

Labour draw level with Ipsos-MORI

Ipsos-MORI/Reuters 15/09/10 37 37 15 0
Ipsos-MORI/Reuters 25/07/10 40 38 14 2
Ipsos-MORI/Reuters 20/06/10 39 31 19 8

And the LDs move up a point

What’s only the third MORI poll since the election is out today and has the red and blue teams neck and neck.

On cuts Reuters report that most people, three in five, agree that they are necessary, but three-quarters believe it would be better to cut more slowly to lessen the impact on public services and the economy. Nevertheless a majority (57 percent) agreed the government’s policies would improve the state of the economy.

MORI’s Economic Optimism Confidence Index fell to its lowest level since December 2009. Almost half of those surveyed thought economic conditions would worsen over the next year. Less than a third thought they would improve.

Mike Smithson

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