Did the Tories come a bit too well prepared?

Did the Tories come a bit too well prepared?

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Will the programme change our view of the coalition?

There’s an intriguing snippet on Nick Robinson’s BBC blog about his programme tomorrow night on how the coalition came about.

“..The Tories have been keen to downplay how prepared they were for hung Parliament negotiations. However, on the day after the polls closed, Letwin appeared to know more about Lib Dem policy than any of Nick Clegg’s negotiators. The Tories arrived at talks with a string of policy concessions to woo their potential coalition partners…”

This is a programme that I am looking forward to this enormously. For it is about a deal that has changed our politics enormously and we still have only an inkling about what went on and how it all came about.

I just wonder whether what’s in tomorrow night’s programme might impact on perceptions of the whole arrangement.

Mike Smithson

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