What now for the Guardian?

What now for the Guardian?

The paper’s promotional material states:-

SocietyGuardian is the most dedicated national quality supplement for the public services and charity sector. Published every Wednesday with the Guardian, and constantly updated online on SocietyGuardian.co.uk, it offers unrivalled reach of public sector professionals

• 285,000 senior professionals working in the public sector read the Guardian every day. That’s more than any other daily quality title.

• Over 200,000 senior public sector professionals visit SocietyGuardian.co.uk every month

All areas of the public sector are covered by SocietyGuardian and SocietyGuardian.co.uk including.

• Social care
• Local government
• Housing
• Environment
• Children’s services
• Health
• Regeneration
• Voluntary sector

Sponsorship and other opportunities

SocietyGuardian has a rich history of public sector journalism in specialist fields and offers you the opportunity to sponsor special interest 8 page supplements and online microsites on a number of issues.

These include:

• Health service reform
• Shared services
• Transformational government
• Regeneration and relocation
• Business reports on cities and countries
• Finance
• Workforce development
• Efficiency
• Climate change

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