Shouldn’t Gordon now resign his seat?

Shouldn’t Gordon now resign his seat?


Is his continued absence becoming an issue?

When Harriet Harman suggested to Cameron in the commons this afternoon that he ought to give his predecessor some credit for the work he had done with the G20 the PM had a sharp response.

“I’d be delighted to, if he could be bothered to turn up to this House”

For the continued absence of the former Prime Minister is being increasingly noticed and becoming an issue. For his own sake, surely, he ought to make a move.

Of course for someone who has had such a prominent role in both opposition and government it’s going to be mighty difficult becoming a back-bench MP again – but other former PMs have done just that.

Either he wants to continue as an MP for his Fife seat or he should step aside. For the longer he delays this decision the worse it will become.

Mike Smithson

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