Are you going to pay to read the Times?

Are you going to pay to read the Times?

Will Rupert’s big gamble work?

This week has seen the start of the programme to get us all paying if we want to read the Times online.

We haven’t seen the pricing yet and at the moment you can view stories from the paper for nothing using their preview service. Here you give them you email address and no doubt that will switch to a fully paying service in the not to distant future.

If this succeeds then one thing’s for sure – the other newspaper websites will follow.

The bits of the paper I tend to look at most are the comment pieces – Daniel Finkelstein, Matthrew Parris and Michael Portillo. For news there are many other ways of getting the info.

I just wonder how the paper’s top writers are going to feel when they see their audiences just go.

At the moment I probably won’t pay – what are others planning to do?

Mike Smithson

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