Which way will the Lib Dems go?

Which way will the Lib Dems go?

Is Clegg’s inclination for the Tories?

Yet another key meeting is just about to start on this most extraordinary of days. The new Lib Dem parliamentary party are having their second session of the day and this meeting could be crucial.

With the Tory offer on an AV referendum the yellows have probably got just about as much as they can get from the blues.

The big question is how going with Labour would appear and what it would do to the party’s future. Dangerous stuff.

At the end of the day I believe that it will be Clegg’s view that will prevail and my sense is that he’s more inclined to the blues than the reds if only on grounds of the mathematics.

If necessary he’ll make this into an issue of confidence in his leadership.

But there’s a lot that can still happen.

Mike Smithson

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