Tories move back into the lead with Angus Reid

Tories move back into the lead with Angus Reid

Angus Reid – The Economist Apr 26 Apr 20
LIB DEMS 30% 33%
LABOUR 23% 23%

Above is a new Angus Reid poll for this week’s Economist. Note that it is a touch out of date with the fieldwork ending last Monday.

As well as the Tories moving up and the Lib Dems moving down a key feature is that Labour are still down at 23%. The firm continues to record the smallest shares for Brown’s party.

In a an article on the polls the magazine notes: ” For our poll, Angus Reid showed people something like the ballot paper that each one would see in the polling booth, with the names of local candidates. Last year, in British Columbia, this approach produced unusually accurate results. This time they were little different from the firm’s more conventional efforts.”

We’ll see in just over a week’s time whether AR have been calling this correctly.

There will be a final AR poll for PB on Wednesday.

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Mike Smithson

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