Lib Dems back in the 30s in the daily poll

Lib Dems back in the 30s in the daily poll

YouGov Daily Poll – Sun Apr 25 Apr 24
LIB DEMS 30% 28%
LABOUR 28% 27%

What’s probably going to be the only poll out tonight, YouGov for the Sun, has some good news for the yellow teamafter a few days when its share with the pollster was on the decline.

It’s now back at 30% while the Tories are down a notch to 34%. Labour also see an increase.

While this is all margin of error stuff it’s the direction of travel that can impact on the momentum in the closing ten days of this campaign.

As I’ve been arguing for days the Lib Dem spreads are a pretty good bet. The latest level from Sporting Index is 85-88 seats.

The risk with spread betting is the down-side and it’s hard to see them getting fewer than 70 seats, and most likely a lot more than that.

Mike Smithson

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