Mixed messages from ComRes and ICM about Labour

Mixed messages from ComRes and ICM about Labour

ICM Sunday Telegraph Apr 23 Apr 18
LIB DEMS 31% 30%
LABOUR 26% 28%
ComRes S. Mirror/IoS Apr 24 Apr 20
LIB DEMS 29% 27%
LABOUR 28% 25%

But the Lib Dems progress with both

So our first two polls for tomorrow’s Sunday papers are out and provide mixed messages for the reds and blues but good news for the yellows.

For the key development is that the yellow bubble hasn’t burst and the lift from the first debate is being sustained.

Labour will feel very uncomfortable with the ICM 26% share – that’s getting very low indeed and there must be concern that supporters could switch to Nick Clegg’s party to stop the Tories.
Some points from the ComRes poll:-

  • Turnout looks set to be really quite high – 66% say ‘absolutely certain’ to vote, the highest registered of this campaign.
  • Lib Dem support is still strongest among the younger age groups – 41% among 18-24s
  • Labour is ahead among C2s and DEs ie its core social groups while 35% of ABs say they’ll vote Lib Dem
  • The Lib Dem figures are particularly strong in the North of England.
  • UPDATE: Fieldwork for ComRes took place yesterday and today.

    Mike Smithson

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