Libs Dems edge back a point in the daily poll

Libs Dems edge back a point in the daily poll

YouGov Daily Poll – Sun Apr 23 Apr 22
LIB DEMS 29% 28%
LABOUR 29% 29%

It’s almost no change after the second debate

This evening’s YouGov daily poll for the Sun is just out and apart from the one point lift for the Lib Dems it’s no change.

This is the first poll where all the fieldwork followed the debate and both the red and blue teams might feel a tad disappointed not to have seen any benefit – after all the post-debate polling had both their leaders performing a lot better.

The Lib Dems will be relieved at the direction of travel especially following Thursday’s onslaught by the Tory tabloids.

Tomorrow there will be a deluge of polls – maybe five or six – and we should get a clearer view of where this is going.

UPDATE – new Harris poll

There’s reported to be a new Harris poll out for the Mail. I’ve got no information on the fieldwork dates but I’m assuming that like the last such poll in the paper it closed on Thursday – meaning it was before the second debate.

The figures show a move back to the Tories and a fall in the Lib Dem, share – both changes within the margin of error.

Harris – Mail? Apr 23 Apr 19
LIB DEMS 29% 30%
LABOUR 26% 26%

Mike Smithson

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