Lib Dems move into the lead with YouGov

Lib Dems move into the lead with YouGov

YouGov daily poll – Sun Apr 18 Apr 17
LIB DEMS 33% 29%
LABOUR 26% 30%

Labour take a big hit as the yellow surge continues

With all the speculation that the move to the yellows would fizzle out quickly the latest YouGov daily poll continues the good news for Clegg and his team

The Lib Dems have now edged about the Tories while at the same time there’s been a sharp drop in the Labour vote to its lowest share from the firm for a long time.

The real challenge for Brown Central is that with anti-Tory voters seeing the Lib Dems as the best way of stopping the the Tories then they will switch.

Mike Smithson

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