ComRes has the gap down to 5%

ComRes has the gap down to 5%

ComRes: ITV News/Independent Apr 12 Apr 11
LABOUR 31% 30%
LIB DEMS 19% 20%
LAB to CON swing from 2005 4% 5%

There’s a new ComRes poll for ITV New/Independent that sees just one point movements in all the parties but for the Tories the gap closes to an uncomfortable 5 points.

Breaking down the voting intention figures by geography, ComRes found that in the South East the two main parties are fairly close with Conservatives on 35%, Labour on 30%, and Liberal Democrats on 22%. But the Conservative lead is greater in the key marginal area of the Midlands, where its CON 40%: LAB 28%: LD 17%.

The fieldwork took place on Sunday and Monday so a significant part would have been carried out while the attention was on Labour with its manifesto launch.

There are other polls tonight but I won’t be back home to my PC until 11.30pm

Mike Smithson

Update – 2210

YouGov: The Sun Apr 12 Apr 11
LABOUR 31% 33%
LIB DEMS 20% 20%
LAB to CON swing from 2005 5.5% 4.5%

Meanwhile, some better news for the Tories from YouGov which has the Conservative lead increasing to 8% at the expense of Others, who rise back to 10% having fallen to an unusually low level yesterday.

David Herdson

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