Lib Dems up 2 in new PB/AR poll

Lib Dems up 2 in new PB/AR poll

Angus Reid for Politicalbetting Apr 7 Apr 3
LABOUR 26% 27%
LIB DEMS 22% 20%
LAB to CON swing from 2005 7% 7%

But the Labour still have a double digit deficit

There’s a new PB/Angus Reid poll just out and the figures are above. Polling started yesterday and went on until this afternoon – and was almost all carried out after the election was declared by Mr. Brown yesterday.

The comparisons are with the weekend’s AR poll for the Sunday Express.

The numbers are good for the Lib Dems who for the next four weeks will benefit from the broadcasting rules that give them coverage at almost the same level as the two main parties.

Support for “others” remains at a high level though that could reduce sharply as we get close to May 6th. The AR voting intention question will be tailored so that respondents are only asked about parties standing in their seat.

The data should be out later this evening and a link posted here.

Mike Smithson

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