Dissatisfaction with Brown back in the 60s

Dissatisfaction with Brown back in the 60s

Are you satisfied/dissatisfied with Brown/Cameron/Clegg ..” Satisfied Dissatisfied +/-
BROWN 34% (36) 60% (57) -5
CAMERON 42% (44) 42% (40) -4
CLEGG 45% (44) 25% (27) +8
Ipsos-MORI Mar 21 (Feb 22)

And Cameron gets his worst ratings since 2008

I’ve now had advance sight of the Ipsos-MORI leader approval ratings for March – a form of questioning that has been asked in the same way by the firm for more than a third of a century.

The numbers are not good for Gordon and he’s now in a slightly worse position than he was in the same poll exactly a year ago. Cameron’s rating at 42-42 is the first non-positive number since February 2008 while the only beneficiary seems to be Nick Clegg who has been getting a lot more exposure.

A factor with Clegg’s ratings is that there is a high level of “don’t knows” so you can’t compare it on quite the same basis as with the other two leaders.

I’m of the view that these are at least as good a guide to general election outcome as the standard voting intention figures. Brown’s net negative of 26 points is not good.

Mike Smithson

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