Tories daily poll lead goes up by a point

Tories daily poll lead goes up by a point

YouGov daily poll (The Sun) Mar 10 Mar 9
LABOUR 32% 32%
LIB DEMS 17% 20%
LAB to CON swing from 2005 4% 3.5%

And the Lib Dems slump after last night’s boost

So the Labour share remains stable tonight with the Tories edging up and the Lib Dems taking quite a hit.

This will bring some relief to the blue team which yesterday touched a two and half year low with its 36% share. Meanwhile the red camp might just be getting a bit uneasy that the big improvements of February are not being sustained in spite of the apparent benefit of the Ashcroft affair.

This is, of course, getting very tight. A gap of five points together with the differential that YouGov found last week in its key marginals polls puts the Tories in within a shout of getting an overall majority.

But if they slip even by only a little then Labour could end up with most seats.

Clearly this poll moves up and down everyday and, no doubt, the Lib Dems will be disappointed that their 20% share of yesterday has not been sustained.

Tomorrow we should get the first PB/Angus Reid poll of the month.

Mike Smithson

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