New pollster has 37/30/16

New pollster has 37/30/16

    “Opinium” for the Express 08/03/10 2005
    CONSERVATIVES 37% 33.2
    LABOUR 30% 36.2
    LIB DEMS 16% 22.7
    LAB to CON swing 5% ??

This is a new one on me and needs further investigating. According to reports “The poll was taken by Opinium from 5th to 8th March using what is described as “their research panel” of 1960 individuals.”

I wonder whether they poll the same 1960 individuals again and again? We don’t know – but I’m sure all will become clear.

All a bit confusing but the numbers are in broad line with what we have seen elsewhere.

Still to come tonight – the YouGov daily poll and a marginals survey from Populus.

Mike Smithson

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