Will this relieve some of the Tory jitters?

Will this relieve some of the Tory jitters?

CON 39% (37)
LAB 32% (35)
LD 17%(17)

Is it down to positive media coverage

This morning I suggested that this might be the day to start buying the Tories again simply because they were back in the news after a period when issues involving Labour and Mr. Brown were dominating everything.

My view was that there seems to be an element in polls of up to 4% which appeared to be directly related to who had been most on the telly and the front pages in the lead-up to the fieldwork.

Well Cameron had an excellent weekend and some good press coverage following his conference speech and what do we see – Labour down three and the Tories up two.

My understanding is that fieldwork for the YouGov poll for the Sun started at 5pm last night and finished at 5pm this evening so at least part of the response would have come after the Michael Ashcroft news.

Fieldwork for the other poll tonight, from ComRes for the Indy, almost all took place before the Brighton coverage and we see a further shaving of the Tory position. These are the figures:-

CON 37% (38)
LAB 32% (30)
LD 19% (20)

My guess is that Tory supporters will focus on YouGov while Labour ones might want to highlight ComRes.

Mike Smithson

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