Why did the Sunday Times switch the numbers?

Why did the Sunday Times switch the numbers?

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How did the lead drop from 6% to 2% between editions?

The massive confusion over what the poll numbers actually were that we saw on the thread overnight is now becoming clear. For after the NOTW reported the 2% gap there were several posts saying the Sunday Times had it at 6%.

But the Sunday Times poll findings changed between editions as those who have been watching BBC1 have been told. In the earlier ones it was at 6% – the later ones had it at 2%.

Why? All this does is provide material for the conspiracy theorists especially as the fieldwork ended on Friday and the finalised figures must have been around for most of Saturday.

I don’t know how YouGov work but I assume that it’s like Angus Reid. When the final figures are ratified by the pollster they are then sent to the client. Period. End of story.

I have emailed Peter Kellner.

Mike Smithson

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