The Tories maintain their 16pt lead with PB/Angus Reid

The Tories maintain their 16pt lead with PB/Angus Reid

CON 40% (40)
LAB 24% (24)
LD 19% (20)

The least volatile pollster retains it reputation

There’s a new Angus Reid poll exclusively for Politicalbetting this afternoon and once again it shows almost no change on the previous poll taken at the start of January.

Fieldwork took place from Tuesday until Wednesday evening and we’ll have links to the full data later on in the day.

This is the third successive poll in the Angus Reid/PB series where the CON-LAB shares have been precisely the same – 40 and 24.

Although their starting points for Labour, the Lib Dems and others are different the lack of variation in successive Angus Reid polls is very similar to what we have seen from ICM and to a lesser extent YouGov.

The only conclusion you can draw is that Labour is failing to make up lost ground as the time left for Mr. Brown is running out.

The “others” in the poll were SNP 2%: PC 1%: UKIP 5%: BNP 4%: GRN 3%.

Angus Reid has been approved for membership of the British Polling Council and was the top pollster in the 2008 Canadian election.

UPDATE 1945 The detailed tables from the poll are now available here.

Mike Smithson

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