Is this another “storm in a tea-cup”?

Is this another “storm in a tea-cup”?

Or will it make the election more about Brown’s personality?

There’s been a lot of hype tonight about a new book, Inside Out by former Labour general secretary, Peter Watt in which he makes less than complimentary comments about Mr. Brown.

The Mail on Sunday have bought the serialisation rights and their editorial looks a bit tricky for Number 10.

With only about eleven weeks before the election campaign proper starts the main impact could be to put the focus on Mr. Brown a bit more and result in one, or possibly two news cycles being lost to Labour to exploit. For instead of trying to attack the Tories they could find themselves on the back foot.

Clearly Cameron would love the election to be a referendum on the Prime Minister – books and stories like this, and I’m sure we will see more, might provide ammunition.

But is this going to resonate and affect voting in marginal seats? I don’t know but it could fire Tory activists up and make Labour supports a little less inclined to turn out.

Whatever the Saturday night Sunday paper sequence is going to busy on PB right until the final weekend.

Mike Smithson

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