What’s the future for the “Snow-Plot Six”?

What’s the future for the “Snow-Plot Six”?

Is Robinson right about the extent of the mutiny?

For me the big development overnight in the “Snow-Plot” was the naming of six cabinet ministers on BBC TV by the corporation’s political editor, Nick Robinson who were alleged to be linked in some way to the Hoon-Hewitt move.

The group include some heavy hitters including the deputy leader, the justice, foreign, Scottish and defence secretaries as well as a man who has always been regarded as a close Brown supporter, Douglas Alexander.

Quite what the status of Robinson’s list is we don’t know and no doubt there will be developments, denials and “clarifications” during the day. But it is quite stunning that these were singled out.

Whatever your feelings about him you have to admire the extraordinary resilience of Gordon Brown. Will he be there on general election day? Most probably.

Mike Smithson

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