Is this approach too Dave-specific?

Is this approach too Dave-specific?

And could Cameron be creating hostages to fortune?

Wow. What a busy morning. Is it going to be like this right through to the general election day whenever that is?

What’s caught my eye is this Tory NHS poster and the way all the emphasis is put on Cameron – I’ll cut the deficit. Not the NHS”

Is this going to be a common element in other campaign material? Clearly this has been through the focus groups and reflects what we’ve seen in the polling – electors are more comfortable with Cameron than his party.

The trouble is that this looks like a presidential campaign and leaves the Tories vulnerable to the charge that their leader is putting forward policies that don’t have the full backing of all members – Daniel Hannan, on this issue, to name but one.

Still this was the approach of NuLab in 1997 when Tory efforts to warn of what lay behind that nice Mr. Blair got no traction.

There’s a danger, too, of this being flung back at him. Inevitably a complex organisation like the NHS is going through continuous change and inevitably well-loved local services can get axed. Is Dave going to get the blame?

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