Who’s going to be the PB Poster of 2009?

Who’s going to be the PB Poster of 2009?

Your chance to submit a nomination

It’s Christmas and time for our annual election for who has been the PB Poster of the Year. Please note that there will be a separate election next week for the PB betting tipster of the year – this first election is about politics purely and simple.

The selection process is in two parts: this thread when nominations are invited and then the online election itself.

Who has contributed most to your understanding of politics over the past twelve months? Which contributor has consistently produced insights that have enhanced your views? Whose posts do you never skip over.

Please name as many as you like giving reasons and examples if possible. A shortlist will then be drawn up for the vote.

Both the nomination process and the voting are open to everybody who visits PB – so don’t be put off if you are not a regular poster. This is for you as well.

Nominating ends tomorrow at noon and voting will take place over the following two days closing on December 27th.

  • Iain Dale is running a series of elections on his site and PB is on the list in a couple of them. You might like to vote there as well.
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